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Saffet Abdullah Güllaç

Immigrated from Crimean to Istanbul during Ottoman – Russia war in 1878, Abdullah Efendi initiated Güllaç production in Istanbul in 1881. He sustained his activities for about 40 years. After Abdullah Efendi, Saffet Efendi has taken the responsibility for continuity of this business and he sustained production of this traditional dessert for about 40 years. Third generation production is accomplished by sons of Saffet Efendi who are Yalçın Arseven and İlhan Arseven. As for 4th generation, works over this exceptional and specific mission are handled in accordance with universal principles, national and social responsibility awareness.   

Institutionalized as “SAFFET COLLECTIVE COMPANY” in 1959 and registered brand name of “SAFFET ABDULLAH” in 1989, our company established and certified ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety and Management System.

Güllaç production has been started in Istanbul-Şehremini in 1881 and continues in accordance with Food Codex of Turkey and ISO 22000:2005 Food Safety and Management System in the factory located in Sultanbeyli and having an area of 3200 m2 by adopting safe food philosophy as a principle.

Brand Renewal Certificate
Work Permit and Food Registration Certificate
Food Registration Certificate
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ISO 22000 Certificate
Food Production Permit Certificate
Food Production Certificate
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