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Güllaç with Curd Cheese recipe

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Güllaç with Curd Cheese


1/2 package of (6 leaves) Güllaç

Inside (curd – curd cheese):

2 kg milk
1,5 lemon juice
2,5 table spoon sugar

2,5 glasses of sugar
2,5 glasses of water


1. To prepare curd cheese, boil the milk first. After started boiling, pour lemon juice prepared before into the boiling milk. Milk will be soured after a few seconds. Close the cooker after 2-3 minutes of boiling. A cheese layer will be observed on the top and yellowish (like yoghurt juice) water will be seen on the lower side. This juice is strained via cheesecloth (or sieve). Remaining upper side is curd cheese.

2. Insert strained and warmed curd cheese onto a plate and mix with 2.5 table spoon of sugar. This mixture is the inside of Güllaç. 

3. Table cloth is mantled on the counter or table (or ground) where Güllaç is to be prepared. Put wide salver in which water is filled on one side and place round salver on which Güllaç is to be prepared on the other side. Cut Güllaç leaves by knife in the middle. Dip up one of the 12 leaves into water and lay on the table cloth. Wait for 1-2 minute (s) for softening of the leave. 

4. Take softened leave in front carefully and pour 1 table spoon of curd cheese on the wider edge, close side edges and roll as deep fried rolls and obtain a long roll. Cut the roll in 3 parts and insert on the salver.   

5. Order overall Güllaç on the salver. One point required to be considered is to wait for an adequate period after making leaves wet.  If waited more than required period, leaves will be softened extensively and can be broken into pieces, if waited less than required period, leaves will not obtain the consistency adequate to create rolls and can be broken into pieces. Therefore, make following leave wet prior to making roll from one of the leaves.

6. After Güllaç salver is prepared, boil the sorbet. Pour boiled sorbet on the dessert without waiting. Close the upper through a salver and provide absorption of sorbet completely. After it is cooled, decorate with pistachio and serve.


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