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Güllaç Production

During production of Güllaç leave, corn starch and wheat flour are mixed by specially filtered water and Güllaç dough is obtained through a specific concentration. Water form of relevant component is removed by pouring onto special pans having a temperature of 100 – 150 oC. Separating from upper part of the pan after cooked, Güllaç leave is dried in environments including certain amount of humidity.      

Dried Güllaç leave are packaged on tray  packs  and on  carrier-bag  packages having a weight of 400 gr through automatic machines and are presented for consumption.

Production of Güllaç leave requires hand work and experience, as well as its storage and presentation to the consumer includes important phases.

Final product is completely natural and does not include any additives. In fact, associated logistic process (storage, protection, distribution) including phases until presentation of pure floury to the consumers to create Güllaç is a proof regarding hygienic production process and resistance.

Therefore, Güllaç is an illustrative product in terms of “Healthy Natural Product” and has a simple menu that can be easily applicable. As stated by a Scottish editor, this product gained an international appreciation such as “Fine Fast Food”. 

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