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Ramadan and Güllaç

As already known, tastes of Ottoman- Turkish cuisine have a distinguished place among worldwide cuisines. “Turkish desserts” have an exceptional place among these rich and high quality tastes.   

Mont important product of this cuisine is Güllaç characterized as “Traditional” and being worthy of “East – West synthesis”.

As stated by Engin Akın, Güllaç reflects elegancy of Ottomans and its cuisine approach through its white beauty. Turkish cuisine is an elaborated cuisine. Its characteristic is to obtain the best techniques through application of minimum amount of ingredients. Güllaç is the best example. It is easy to make, but requires care.

As described by Hülya Ekşigil in her book, good Güllaç leaves should transmit the back light, be bright and white, as well as it  shouldn’t bend and has  to  be  broken when it curved. Güllaç is open to imagination and makes people being pleased with different tastes happy.

Consumed during Ramadan month traditionally, Güllaç is produced in all over the year by our company. Our product is available in sales  points apart from Ramadan periods and in case of contact of our customer who cannot obtain Güllaç, our healthy and traditional products are supplied within the shortest time. As stated by Ahmet Tulgar, “Güllaç can be served to all over the world”.


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